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Why do you need Window Cleaning Services?

Do your windows appear dirty and unappealing? No more need to worry; we are here to correct that through our window cleaning services in Houston. One of the tasks that gets the least attention in facilities is window cleaning.

It does not matter how nicely the rest of the facility is maintained; filthy windows ruin the impression of a well-kept residence. Even though windows that are regularly cleaned and maintained have a longer lifespan than those that aren’t, many today still disregard window cleaning and rarely seek these services.

Professional Houston window cleaning removes the corrosive pollutants that may cause a film of grime to build, break down window sealing, and eat away at screens.

What are the Benefits of Window Cleaning Services?

Extends the window life

Enhances window aesthetics

Retain window efficiency

Enhances the safety within the facility

Lets more light in

Window cleaning

What does Window Cleaning Include?

Janitorial Services in Houston?

We remove all screens from the house and clean them with a damp mop.

Depending on the kind and design of your windows, we wash the interior and exterior simultaneously. This removes loose, easy-to-remove stains off windows.

Next, we use a damp mop to stir our window washing mixture and apply it to the window. It loosens debris.

We utilize professional portable razor blades to scrape any leftover material, then damp clean the glass again.

We squeegee the window clean, free of grime and stains as if you just moved in.

We wash the window edges and sills and lock your freshly cleaned window so you can enjoy the view.

We inspect each cleaned window for anything unusual and let you know. We will tell you about damaged seals, scrapes, or other structural damage.

We will leave the remainder of your house clean. We put everything back in place.

We do the footwork so you can kick back!

Why Choose Complete Janitorial Services of Houston?


If you need anything out of the ordinary in your cleaning service, please ask. We’ll do whatever we can to make it happen.


We know our business is only as good as our word, and we aim to be reliable about our services.


We can create a plan to perfectly match your budget and the results you want.

Locally-Owned and Operated

You can support your local businesses while still getting the benefits of a big-name brand.

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We Offer Different Types of Window Cleaning

There are five major types of window cleaning services you would need for your office, restaurant or any other establishment. They include:

Hard water removal

Many individuals clean their windows; however, they often leave hard water marks. Professional window cleaning removes stains and leaves your windows streak-free.


Window Screen Cleaning

Many individuals make the worst mistake while washing windows by ignoring the screens and focusing more on glass. 


Interior Window Cleaning

Cleaning inside windows is a priority for business owners. You probably wipe them down with window cleaner and assume that is all they need. It is okay for a fast wash, but it will not properly clean your windows. A professional window cleaner employs superior materials and processes than the ordinary homeowner or business owner, resulting in streak-free windows.


Exterior Window Cleaning

Inside and outdoor window washing are equally crucial. Exterior window cleanings increase appeal by removing grime, dust, and watermarks. A window cleaning service can readily reach hard-to-reach spots you cannot clean yourself.


Glass Door Cleaning

Glass doors are commonly included in window cleaning services, as they are merely enormous windows. Glass door washing has the same advantages as window cleaning. Thorough cleaning eliminates mold and mildew in these regions, which is why they must be adequately cleaned.

Experience to Get the Job Done

Our team has decades of combined experience in commercial cleaning in Houston. As such, we’ve developed some great relationships over the years due to the longstanding commitments we make to our vibrant city.

How Often Should you Avail of Window Cleaning Services?

There is no right or incorrect frequency for window cleaning; it depends on your monthly budget and personal taste. With years of window cleaning expertise, we have found three significant schedules that depend on your budget.


This package is designed for warehouses and industrial facilities. We see these projects as supplemental, as your business should follow a regular cleaning routine outside of the janitorial services Houston we provide.


This package is designed for office spaces, car dealerships, and standard work environments. We can disinfect any time of day, and most of our clients prefer we come after hours. Still, if you hire us for daytime cleaning, we will make every effort not to intrude on the hard work going on around us.


If you work at a school, healthcare facility, restaurant, or gym, you already know how much cleaning needs to happen to keep employees, students, and customers happy. Failing to have a strict enough schedule can directly result in the loss of business. follow a regular cleaning routine outside of the services we provide.

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