Restaurant Cleaning Services in Houston, Texas

We offer high-quality commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning services in the Greater Houston area. Call us if you need one-time or regular cleaning.

Why do you need your kitchen cleaned by us?

Rely on our fast, affordable, and comprehensive commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning services Houston to help your staff operate more efficiently and in a safe environment.

No one wants to work in a dirty kitchen. Even though you scrub the floors, wipe down the counters, sanitize the meat slicer, and degrease the grill, your staff might miss regular cleaning and maintenance that could prevent thousands of dollars in damage later on.

Why Do I Need a Clean Restaurant in Houston?


Clean restaurants are more aesthetically pleasing for your customers and employees. Customers, who may head to the internet to leave reviews, will notice a restaurant that looks and smells clean.

Your clean restaurant can:

Promote safety for everyone inside the building
Help prevent cross-contamination
Create a great first impression on customers
  Make it easier to pass health inspections

If you don’t have time to fully clean your Houston restaurant on a monthly basis, we can!

What Can We Clean in Your Houston Restaurant?

You already know about grease and grime. Not only does it s look unsightly, but they can also attract germs, pests, bugs, and dirt. We help you by cleaning the things you can’t reach easily or see very well, like hoods, behind equipment, and underneath storage areas.

We Clean Common Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your commercial kitchen equipment must perform well every day. You can’t afford to have a breakdown due to equipment that’s not clean, especially during a lunch or dinner rush.

Our team cleans commercial kitchen equipment to make sure it stays in top shape, including:

Walk-In Coolers
Deep Fryers
Ovens & Ranges
Heating Racks & Lamps

Food Processor

Ice Makers

Restaurant Cleaning Services Houston, Where Do We Clean?

Our technicians clean hard-to-reach places you can’t get to easily or lack the equipment to work around certain fixtures. We’ll also scrub and clean the lobby and seating area.

We’ll clean:

Behind and underneath your grills, stands, prep stations, ovens, coolers, and chillers.
In hard-to-reach places and corners
Underneath rugs and mats
Vents, hoods, and vent hood covers
Air handling systems
Public-Facing Areas

Experience to
Get the Job Done

Our team has decades of combined experience in the restaurant industry in Houston. As such, we’ve developed some great relationships over the years due to the longstanding commitments we make to our vibrant city.

Commercial Cleaning, Houston-Style

Regular janitorial service and facility cleaning are necessary for any Houston business, regardless of the industry. Our team at Complete Janitorial Services of Houston pledges to provide an amazing commercial cleaning service, every time.

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